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How to Buy Import Aluminium Windows and Doors From China Windows Doors Manufacturers

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How to Buy Import Aluminium Windows and Doors From China Windows Doors Manufacturers
If you are planning to import windows and doors from China, you must have a lot of questions.

How should you choose materials such as aluminum, uPVC, stainless steel, etc.?
How do I find a reliable factory in China?
How to ensure product quality?
How do I ship from China?
In this complete guide, you learn everything you need to know about buying windows and doors from China.

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1. Why Importing Aluminum Windows and Doors From China
2. What Types of Aluminum Windows and Doors to Buy From China
3. How to find reliable aluminum doors and windows manufacturers in China?
4. What are the compliance requirements for importing windows and doors from China?
5. How do you control the quality of aluminum windows and doors when you import from China?
6. How to ship aluminum windows and doors from China?
1. Why Importing Aluminum Windows and Doors From China
When sourcing your aluminum windows suppliers overseas, the first question is: which country should I source my product from?

Don’t worry. I’m not going to bore you with the reason like “China makes the product at low cost”.

1.1) Which country is the top exporter of aluminum windows and doors in the world?
I’d go straight to the answer, yes, China is the world’s largest exporter of aluminum doors and windows, exporting $1.02B in 2018, accounting for 22% of the world total.

import Aluminium Windows and Doors From China

1.2) Which country is the top importer of aluminum windows and doors in the world?
Similar to what happens with other products, the U.S. is the world’s largest importer of aluminum windows and doors, with annual imports of about $670 million, which is 15.1 percent of the world’s total.

Import Aluminum Doors, Windows,frames and Thresholds from China

1.3) Which countries import the most aluminum windows from China?

Thanks to the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, Australia has replaced the United States as China’s largest importer of aluminum doors and windows since 2017.

Australia import the most aluminum windows from China

2. What Types of Aluminum Windows and Doors to Buy From China
2.1)Doors & Windows Materials Comparison: Aluminum vs. Others

2.1.1)Aluminum Windows From China
✅Lightweight, high strength
The aluminum alloy density is only 1/3 of steel, which is a thin-walled, hollow extruded profile and light in weight. The strength is close to the general low carbon steel and can reach more than 30MPa.

✅Good sealing performance
The sealing performance of aluminum doors and windows is significantly better than that of steel, wood doors and windows, mainly because of its high processing precision and extremely tight assembly.

✅Durable and maintenance-free
Aluminum windows and doors are durable and do not have aging problems. Aluminum alloy has a thin but solid layer of aluminum oxide film on the surface, so it does not rust, does not fade, and does not fall off, almost maintenance-free!

2.1.2) UPVC (Vinyl) Windows From China
UPVC (Vinyl) Windows From China

UPVC(Vinyl) are increasingly being used in window and door materials, mainly due to the low cost of raw materials and ease of processing.

However, the uPVC is not as strong as aluminum or steel, so the frames of uPVC doors and windows are usually reinforced with steel inserts.

The uPVC frame windows and doors are usually cheaper than those made of aluminum or wood.

uPVC Windows and Doors in Cold Weather
Of the many materials used for window and door frames, UPVC performs the worst in cold temperatures, working fine above -10 degrees Celsius. Still, if the temperature gets lower, the window seal may separate from the window, resulting in poorer thermal insulation.

Vinyl(uPVC) windows and doors are less expensive among all materials, but definitely not suitable for use in countries with cold climates.

2.1.3) Stainless Steel Windows From China
Chinese Stainless Steel WindowsStainless Steel Windows From China

While aluminum has a major share as a window and door material, steel still has its place. When you decide to import windows and doors from China, you need to know the difference between aluminum and steel so that you can make the best choice.

❓ If the construction site requires stronger windows?
You may want to consider steel windows and doors, as steel is three times stronger than aluminum.

❓ If you require a fire rating for windows and doors?
Steel doors and windows are a better choice, and usually steel frames have a 30-minute fire rating. This is why most fire doors in commercial buildings are made of steel.

❓ If your project is cost oriented?
If you need a more affordable price, aluminum windows and doors are better for you, as aluminum is usually 1/3 the price of 304 stainless steel.

2.1.4) Wood Windows From China

Wooden doors and windows create a feeling that no other metal material can match, but there are a lot fewer wood window factories in China now than there were ten years ago mainly because more and more residential and commercial buildings are opting for aluminum windows because of the cost.

Wooden windows need to be sanded and repainted every four or five years, and in addition to possible insect infestation problems, you also need to be aware of fireproofing.

2.2) What Types of Glass to Choose for Windows and Doors
Ordinary Glass
It’s just plain white glass, with a single layer thickness of 5mm, 6mm, etc. It is relatively inexpensive and is not heat and impact resistant enough.

Ordinary glass without iron treatment is often bright green, fragile, not highly transparent, and will deform under rain and sun exposure. From the side, the reflected object will be distorted, and generally appears waterline type deformation.

Float Glass

The processing of float glass is different from ordinary glass.

The surface of float glass is solid, smooth, and even, especially when viewed from the side, the color is different from regular glass, appearing white and reflecting objects without distortion.

Tempered Glass
The strength of tempered glass is several times stronger than ordinary glass, the bending strength is 3-5 times stronger than regular glass, the impact strength is 5-10 times stronger than regular glass, which improves strength and safety.

Tempered glass is also 2 to 3 times better than ordinary glass in terms of cold and heat resistance. It can generally withstand temperature changes of more than 150LC, which helps to prevent thermal cracking.

Tempered glass is safe to use. The increased load-bearing capacity has improved the brittle nature. Even if the tempered glass is damaged, it is only broken into small fragments without sharp edges, which greatly reduces the damage to the human body after the glass is accidentally broken.

Temper glass window from ChinaCoated Glass
Coated glass, also known as heat-reflective glass, is uniformly coated with multiple layers of metal or metal oxide film on the glass surface, which can effectively control visible light and near-infrared rays.

Low-E Glass
Low-e glass is one of the coated glass, which can block more than 80% of the far-infrared heat radiation, preventing heat leakage in winter and heat entry in summer, which can save a lot of air conditioning costs.

Laminated Glass
Laminated glass was first used as safety glass because a glue layer would be added between the glass to bond the two pieces together so that even if the glass broke, the pieces would be stuck to the film. The broken glass surface would remain neat and smooth, effectively preventing the shards of glass from hurting people!

It was then discovered that laminated glass has an excellent soundproofing effect, so the soundproofing industry began to improve the laminated material so that it can become a professional soundproof window glass.

The improved laminated glass interlayer is very thin, typically around 0.6 or 1.1mm, and is very effective at soundproofing both low and high-frequency noise situations, such as high-frequency noise that can even reduce the volume by 50 decibels!

Double Glazing Glass
double glaze glass aluminium windows from chinadouble glaze glass profiles from china

Double glazing consists of two pieces of glass, the advantage of which is its thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

The space between the two layers of glass is air, and this air is almost non-convective. And because air is a poor conductor of heat, there is practically no heat transfer. It isn’t easy to transfer heat from one piece of glass to the other.

If there is a vacuum between the panes of glass, the insulation will be even better.

The greater the gap between the two pieces of glass, the better the thermal insulation will be, but after a certain distance, the thermal insulation performance will be significantly reduced, because the large space will cause air convection.

2.3) Windows and Doors Operation Types

2.3.1) Fixed Window
Fixed windows are windows that can’t be opened, and are usually used for getting light or on interior walls to make the house feel wider.

2.3.2) Single-Hung Window
The bottom sash of a single-hung window can move vertically because the upper sash remains stationary. When this type of window is opened, the lower sash partially obscures the upper sash.

2.3.3) Double-Hung Window
Double-hung windows have two movable sashes that can be moved up and down, allowing ventilation at both the top and bottom.

If you open both sides of a double-hung window sash halfway, it allows twice as much airflow as a single-hung window. The opening above the upper sash allows hot, unfresh air to escape, while the opening below the lower sash allows cooler, fresher air to be drawn in.

import awning window from china

2.3.4) Awning Window
The awning window is hinged at the top and swings open at the bottom, which is great for ventilation and light, and keeps rainwater out of the house.

2.3.5) Hopper Window
hopper window from china

A hopper window is very similar to an awning window, the difference being that a hopper window opens inward while an awning window opens outward.

Hopper windows are often used in bathrooms and basements where ventilation is needed but privacy is important.

2.3.6) Clerestory Window
A clerestory window is a long window or series of small windows near the roof used for daylighting in high-ceiling spaces.

2.3.7) Bay Window
Import Bay-and-Bow-Window from china

A bay window is a space that usually consists of a three-sided window that protrudes from the main building. It gives the house a distinctive look and adds more interior space.

2.3.8) Foldup Window and Door

Foldup windows and doors are foldable, as the name implies. (Also known as bi-fold windows and doors)

folding window

The advantage is that when fully opened, they allow maximum ventilation and create unobstructed space. Foldup windows and doors are ideal for spaces that need the flexibility to shift between partitions and openings.

2.3.9) Horizontal Sliding Window and Door
Horizontal sliding doors and windows open and close by sliding, with pulleys at the top and bottom of the window frame.

Of all the window and door operating types, sliding windows and doors are the most common and most durable because of their simple construction.

2.3.10) Casement Window and Door
Casement windows and doors have hinges mounted on the sash’s side attached to the frame and usually open outward.

Casement windows are more resistant to wind impact, and they are more watertight and airtight than sliding windows.

2.3.11) Pivot Window and Door
A pivoting window has a central pivot, and when fully opened, the sash is perpendicular to the wall, making it the best way to achieve maximum ventilation from one window.

The pivot door, which has a similar structure to the pivot window, it helps to reduce the opening radius of the door and makes the opening and closing system more stable.

Pivot Window and Door import from China
2.3.12) Tilt and Slide Window and Door
A Tilt and Slide Window (also known as a Tilt and Slide Door) is a window that can be tilted to open only the upper part by controlling the handle, or slide fully open to overlap with another window.

2.3.13) Tilt and Turn Window and Door
With its unique mechanism, the Tilt and Turn Window and Door can be opened either by tilting the upper part only for ventilation or by turning the entire window frame.

2.3.14) Transom Window and Door
Transom Windows are windows above doors that are used for ventilation and light. Usually, we call a door with a ventilated window at the top a transom door.

2.3.15) Sidelight Window and Door
Sidelight window is the window next to the front door.

aluminum_glass_louvre_windows2.3.16) Louver Window and Door
Louvered windows are made up of parallel slats that keep water and dust from entering the house while allowing for ventilation. Louver door is a door with louvered windows.

2.3.17) Skylight Window and Door
A skylight is a window mounted on the roof, which can be fixed or capable of opening, usually with tempered or laminated glass.

Skylight door has a similar structure to a skylight window and yet can also serve as an entrance to the roof balcony.

2.3.18) French Door & Window
A french door (sometimes called a french window) is a style in which the glass panes take up most of the door.

2.3.19) Roof Lantern
Roof Lantern is a skylight made up of multiple panes of glass in the shape of a hip roof.

2.3.20) Sunroom
A sunroom is an addition made up entirely of “windows” that allows you to enjoy the sun and the view without being affected by bad weather.

3. How to find reliable aluminum doors and windows manufacturers in China?

If you are planning to import windows and doors from China, the first thing you will do is probably to search online for Chinese aluminum windows and doors factories. But is the supplier you found this way really a factory, instead of a trading company?

Before you put down any deposit, let’s take several minutes to learn a few essential facts about importing from China.

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3.1) Which city in China has the best aluminum door and window factories?
Chinese aluminum extrusion industrial clusters

The quality of aluminum doors and windows depends largely on the aluminum profiles used in them.

Similar to what happens with other products, some places in China produce much better aluminum profiles than others!

I’ll give you the names directly. These aluminum extrusion industrial clusters are Foshan in Guangdong, Linyi in Shandong, Anyi in Jiangxi, and Daye in Hubei.

Of the four aluminum cities, Foshan leads the way, with a history that goes back to the smelting workshops in Guangzhou and Hong Kong in the 1970s.

The production of high quality aluminum windows and doors also requires high-precision cutting equipment, and Guangdong Province, especially Guangzhou and Shenzhen are known for producing high-precision machinery. This is why Foshan is a major hub for aluminium window and door manufacturers.

3.2) How can you tell if an aluminum window and door supplier is a factory or a middleman?

In China, trading companies may quote 15 to 50% more than their factories. And some trading companies’ services are not better than the factories, which means the extra price you pay is meaningless.

While not all factories are good suppliers, I’m going to present two simple tips to let you know how to determine whether it’s a factory or a middleman.

Chinese Aluminium windows and doors factory or company
Check supplier’s location
Chinese factories are usually located in suburban or industrial areas, an hour’s drive from the city center. If you find a supplier whose address is in an urban area, chances are they are just a trading company and not a manufacturer.

How do you know where a supplier is located if you can’t get to China yourself for a while? You might want to use Google Street View, right.

But, and this is an important fact, Google is not available in China for some reason. This includes Google Search, Google Maps, etc.

But it’s not hopeless. You can try using Baidu, the Chinese version of Google. As with Google, you just need to type in the corresponding Chinese address, and you will be able to use Baidu Street View to see how the address looks like.

If you don’t want to know how it works, you can send us your supplier information, and we’ll do the initial verification for you.

See how many product categories they’re carrying.
All genuine factories usually focus on producing only one type of product.

It is because a manufacturer requires specific equipment, raw materials, and specialized workers to produce a product.

If a factory produces very different types of products, they would need to invest in completely different production equipment, so it would be almost impossible for that to happen.

Suppose there is a Chinese supplier that deals with aluminum windows, but also sells wood cabinets, wood flooring, and stone countertops, etc.

In that case, they are likely to be middlemen whose business model is to rent a showroom to display and sell the factory’s goods.

3.3) Where can you find a suitable factory for aluminum windows and doors in China? is a B2B platform for Chinese customers and is a member of the Alibaba Group, just like

The difference between the two sites is that there are more trading companies on because Chinese factories usually don’t know how to do online marketing and write descriptions in English.

So you’re more likely to find a real manufacturer on

China Window Door Facade Expo
Unlike the world-famous Canton Fair, China Window Door Facade Expo is a trade show focused on the window and door industry. Here you can find a wide range of window and door designs, different materials, and hardware.

The show is held every March in Guangzhou, but this year (2020) it was moved to August due to Covid-19.

Windows and doors wholesale market
Trade shows are usually only available at a certain time of the year, but if you want to come to China when there are no trade shows, you can go to the wholesale building materials market, which will have a wide selection of windows and doors.

Building materials wholesale markets are a good fit for countries where certification and compliance are not very strict, such as those in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Sourcing Agent
Best Chinese Guangzhou Sourcing management agent

A good building materials sourcing agent will help you find the right factory, reduce costs, and take care of the whole process of importing from China.

If you are importing from China for the first time, it is best to get help from a professional sourcing company.

4. What are the compliance requirements for importing windows and doors from China?

Each country has its regulations and standards for imported products. If you want to import windows and doors from China to Australia, the United States or Europe, etc., you must find out what your country’s certification and compliance requirements are for your products.

4.1) Importing windows and doors from China to Australia
Importing windows and doors from China to the Australia

The Building Code of Australia regulates doors and windows entering the Australian market.

Two of the standards that relate to windows and doors are.

AS 2047 standard: defines mandatory minimum specifications for windows and doors for use in Australia.

AS 2047 certification requires the following tests to demonstrate product compliance with the standard:

AS 4420.2 Deflection Test – Positive and negative forces are added to the window in order to measure the potential deflection under wind load.
AS 4420.3 Operating Force Test – Test if excessive effort is required to open and close window sashes.
AS 4420.4 Air Infiltration Test – Testing airtightness to verify the thermal and acoustic performance of windows.
AS 4420.5 Water Penetration Resistance Test – This test verifies that under a given pressure, water will not leak into the building through the windows.
AS 4420.6 Ultimate Strength Test – negative and positive pressures are applied to the window to ensure it does not fail at the required wind pressure.

AS1288 standard: specifies requirements for glass in buildings.

AS1288 specifies the type of glass to use in different applications, their thickness, and the allowed maximum glass size.

4.2) Importing windows and doors from China to the United States

The U.S. regulation for imported windows and doors does not work in a way to prohibit non-conforming goods’ customs clearance.

A more accurate description is that you will not be able to get a building permit if you use a window or door that does not meet U.S. standards.

The U.S. does not enforce a uniform national standard; each state has its regulations.

Importing windows and doors from China to the United States

AAMA Certification

AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers Association. AAMA window certification includes three tests: air leakage, water leakage and structural strength.


NFRC- The National Fenestration Rating Council is testing overall thermal efficiency. They are evaluating the following factors:

U-Factor- Tests the amount of heat leakage or how much a window stops heat from escaping.
Ratings are typically between 0.2 and 1.2, and the lower the U-factor, the better the windows prevent heat loss, meaning the more energy efficient they are.
SHGC- Solar Heat Gain Coefficient-Measures how well a product blocks heat from sunlight.
SHGC ratings are usually between 0 and 1. The lower the SHGC rating, the less solar heat will pass through the window.
T. (Visible Transmittance of Light)- measures how much light comes through a window.
T. is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. The higher the VT rating, the more visible light can pass through the window.

Energy Star

It uses NFRC overall window thermal test results to assign geographical “Zones.” Depending on your location, and your climate Energy Star recommends certain U-Factor and SHGC levels
Energy Star qualifying ratings for the Greater DC Area are:
.32 U-Factor or less
.40 SHGC or less
It does not take into account AAMA test results.
5. How do you control the quality of aluminum windows and doors when you import from China?

If you are going to outsource the manufacturing of your products to China and you are going to manage it yourself, you need to learn a lot.

You need to learn about Chinese culture, how to negotiate, how products are made. But one of the things you have to know is how to control the quality.

This chapter will share some quality control tips for buying aluminum doors and windows from Chinese manufacturers.

Quality Control of aluminum windows and doors from China

5.1) What product defects can occur with aluminum doors and windows when importing from China?

Possible product problems with made in China aluminum windows and doors are:

Incorrect frame size
Scratches on the frame
sharp edges and corners
Glass seals fall off
Incorrect thickness of glass
Poor assembly of aluminum profiles
Incorrect frame color or coating
Glass damage
Improper packaging
The hardware does not match the frame
5.2) What can you do to control product quality in China?

Quality control is a long story, but as a buyer, there are a few know-how you can quickly get started with:

✔️Order according to sample

Never place an order without seeing a sample. This can avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle.

✔️Make all requirements clear in the contract

If you have a request, don’t just communicate it verbally, be sure to confirm it in writing and put it in the contract.

✔️Check the goods before paying the balance

The key of this tip is to inform the supplier that you will have your agent in China inspect the goods before you make the final payment. This is how you will get the supplier to take your order more seriously.

SAFE + EASY Sourcing ensures the quality and quantity of your window and door orders in China.
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6. How to ship aluminum windows and doors from China?
When your product is ready to be shipped, you need to know what is the best practice.

ship aluminum windows and doors from China

What size of the container you should choose?
There are three types of containers available, 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft HQ.

You need to decide which container to choose based on the quantity of the order.

What shipping documents are required to ship your product?
Customs requirements vary from each destination country, but usually, you will need the following shipping documents to import from China:

Commercial Invoice
Packing List
Certificate of Origin
Fumigation Certificate
Bill of Lading
If you purchase from several different suppliers and ship in one container, how do you arrange shipping?
You could rent a warehouse and let your suppliers send the goods there, and then arrange to load the containers. But usually, your buying agent will take care of the consolidation without additional warehouse cost.

🔔Now that you’ve read this article, what’s next?
I think all aspects of this topic have been covered, and now you should probably know about importing doors and windows from China.

You can’t be too careful when importing from overseas. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll reply when I have time.

If you want to get a quote for aluminum windows and doors or need assistance from Sourcing to import from China, talk to us about your project.

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